Company Profile

ITBS corporation is 100% all filipino iSCADA and AI company with offices in Japan, Pampanga, Manila, Cebu, and General Santos Mindanao providing end-to-end solutions for government and private institutions.

Our company, Information Technology Business Solutions Corporation (ITBS) is an end-to-end systems integrator with expertise in Command and Control Center (C3) retrofitting, telemetry, systems/apps development, drone technology, field instrumentation and fabrication. As a one-stop-shop integrator and developer of a home-grown iSCADA system as part or even better than the world’s best, we can provide the best value for money with local support located around the country.

Over a period of 10 years with focus on R&D, we have developed an artificial intelligence with extensive data analytics for our homegrown Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition or iSCADA that “mimic” cognitive and intuitive functions of the human mind in learning and problem-solving. This makes our system more proactive and sensory and less reactive. Our iSCADA are currently used for Disaster, Traffic/Transport, Building, Water and Power Management. More applications such as airport, seaport and farm management will soon be rolled out. Most recently, we have integrated in one platform all the municipalities and cities of the province of Laguna with applications on disaster, traffic and hospital management.

We would be happy to present to you what we have to offer and how they could manage complexities in the way we do business and live our lives. We have offices in Pampangga, Ortigas, Gen. Santos and Cebu.

Innovation & Leadership:

Our success to date is largely attributable to three factors: our innovative approach to Human Capital Development; successful commercialization of our internally funded R&D portfolio; and our ability to deploy world class end-to end solutions faster, better, and cheaper than our competitors.

The typical ITBS IT engineer is hired as a fresh graduate with a technical degree from a local university. (Some are former ITBS need-based scholars.) More than just the usual report card and usual measures of intelligence however, our hiring decisions are driven by applicant creativity, intellectual curiosity, and a genuine fascination with leading edge technology. They are young theorists and dreamers motivated primarily by the opportunity for intellectual exploration. Guided by ITBS’ like-minded Founder & CEO (John Paul Mendoza Miranda), they are the heart of the company’s pipeline of current and future products.

ITBS’ R&D team is given freedom, technical expertise, and funding to pursue ideas and products that might not have immediate financial viability, but are determined by the CEO to have commercial potential as either an enhancement to an existing product, or as a completely new stand alone technology.

Although ITBS competitors are generally larger multinational companies, they are often hindered by their size and myopic over specialization. They expect clients to force-fit their problems into inflexible “solutions.” It is not unusual, for example for clients to become frustrated by a slow, tedious, expensive process involving multiple vendors, resulting in total dependence on costly external consultants with little accountability.

We do things differently. We conduct on-site research and develop working solutions for clients at our own expense. Clients trust our ability to execute because we provide them with an actual demonstration of working prototypes (not just theory and promises about how their system “should” work) before they award us their business. The market sees value in ITBS acting as a single point of contact, taking complete and total responsibility for successful project implementation on-time, and within-budget.

As an entrepreneur with an extensive IT background, JP identified a market inefficiency and turned it into an opportunity. He continues to build an organization that provides a solution: rapid deployment of fully integrated, world-class, end-to-end solutions tailored to each client’s particular needs. We are confident that our pipeline of home-grown innovations will result in continued growth in 2018 and beyond.

Examples of ITBS R&D portfolio include:

  • Artificial Intelligence Checkpoint Solutions (A.i.Gates)
  • Airport Ground Operation Monitoring Solutions- Aircraft Security, Traffic Monitoring, and Bird Deterrent System
  • Behavioral Analysis And Transportation Management Solutions (BAATMANS)
  • Disaster Management System with Artificial Intelligence (A.i.DMS)
  • Energy Management System with Artificial Intelligence (A.i.EMS)
  • Integrated Public Advisory & Analysis Display Solutions (I.P.A.A.D.S)